Excellence in Temperature Calibration

For more than 30 years Eurotron have been offering Portable Temperature Calibration solutions to the industry across the board.

If you require to calibrate temperature sensors with a portable calibrator, please connect with us. In this section you can find calibration solutions for many type of different sensors : Thermocouples, RTDs, temperature switches, odd-shape temperature sensors, surface temperature sensors, bimetallic and infrared sensors.

Our range of temperature calibrators include 12 models with a range spanning from -55 to 1200 °C. Many calibrators can be used as dry-block, liquid bath, IR and Surface temperature calibrators.

  • Portable Liquid Baths

    Portable Liquid Baths (2)

    The PLB series of Portable liquid baths and multi-function temperature calibrators are the latest addition to our established range of temperature calibrators.  Stirred liquid baths offers better stability and uniformity than dry-block temperature calibrators and they are a perfect solution for calibrating any type of temperature sensors including odd-shape or short sensors. The PLB series cover a range from -38 to 250C and can operate as:
    • Liquid Baths
    • Dry-block Calibrators
    • Surface Temperature calibrator
    • Infrared sensors calibrators
  • PTB Dry block temperature calibrators

    PTB Dry block temperature calibrators (2)

    The PTB series matches laboratory features such as a wide temperature range, high accuracy, stability and quick temperature generation. You can choose from three models, from a basic model to a full model with signal input and external reference sensor.
    • Temperature Range : -5o to 1150 °C with 3 models
    • High Accuracy and stability
    • Dual input for reference sensor and sensor under test
    • Multi-function
    • Large selection of inserts
    • Automatic switch test and ramp
    • EIUK cal software included