Flue Gas Analysers

Flue Gas Analyser servicing

All flue gas analysers must be calibrated and maintained in full working order to comply with the BS 7967 current legislations and to provide a safe operation. We are currently servicing:

  • Rasi 300 & 300 C flue gas analysers
  • Rasi 700CA flue gas analyser
  • Rasi 200& 200C flue gas analyser
  • Legacy products: Unigas 1000, 2000 and 3000 flue gas analysers


How to book a service of your FGA

You can contact our dedicated service team on 01327 871044 to arrange for instruction or you can can simply drop your analyser to your local merchant or send your FGA directly to our address below:

Eurotron Instruments UK ltd
Unit 18 Austin Way
Royal Oak Industrial Estate
NN11 8QY
T: 01327 871044
E: service@eurotron-uk.com

Returning your analyser to us

When returning your flue gas analyser to us, please ensure that you enclose:

  • Your full contact details
  • A day time contact telephone number
  • Any fault or abnormal operation of the analyser that you might have experience
  • All the relevant accessory including flue gas probe, charger, printer etc so that we can run a full functional check the entire system
  • Use an appropriate packing


2 days service turnaround

Euotron Instruments offer the fastest and cost effective service in the business with only 2 days turnaround from the date the flue gas analyser is received. In order to maintain this excellent level of service, Eurotron Instruments UK have recently invested in new resources and added additional equipments in his ISO9001:2008 certified service centre.

Fixed Service Cost from only £ 99 per year

We were among the first in the business to introduce a fixed service cost with the benefit of not being tied into any contract or advance payment. Our fixed service plan ensure peace of mind, keeps the analyser with-in the require legislations and extend the analyser warranty to 5 years.

What is included in our fixed service cost

Our fixed service cost covers:

  • Full inspection and servicing of your flue gas analyser
  • Issuing of a new calibration certificate with 12 months validity and test data
  • Calibration of gas sensors, temperature and pressure inputs
  • Replacement of the measuring sensors when required
  • Extend the analyser warranty to 5 years
  • Free firmware and software upgrades


Low annual service cost

Model Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Rasi 200/200C with 02 & CO cells £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT
Rasi300/300C with 02 & CO cells £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT
Rasi700CA with 02& CO cells £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT £99+VAT
Rasi 200/200C with 02, CO & NO cells £150+VAT £150+VAT  £150+VAT  £150+VAT  £150+VAT
Rasi300/300C with 02, CO & NO cells £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT
Rasi700CA with 02, CO and NO cells £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT £150+VAT