PGS8 – Pneumatic Calibration hand pump for low pressure

The PGS-8 is an hand held calibration hand pump suitable for calibrate very low pressure devices

  • Generate vacuum and pressure
  • Pressure up to 8 bar
  • Generate vacuum to -0.85 mbar
  • fine adjustment up to 0.01 mbar
  • Precision valve for bleed control
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The PGS-8 is a low-pressure pneumatic hand pump designed to generate both vacuum to -0.850 mbar and pressure up to 8 bar/116 psi. The PGS-8 has two pressure ports with quick fit connectors for the reference pressure indicator and the unit under test. Test hoses are terminated with a push-in 1/4-BSP female fittings that can be adapted with our range of BSP, NPT or Metrics adapters.

The PGS-8 is light, compact and very easy to use. The special and very sensitive vernier control allow for precise pressure setting with in 0.01 mbar.

The PGS-8 low-pressure pneumatic hand pump is particularly suited for calibration of very low pressure devices such differential pressure meters. When used in conjunction with our hand held digital pressure indicator it becomes a powerful and precise pressure calibrator.



Pressure Range 0 to 8 bar/116 psi
Vacuum Range -850 mbar/-12.5 psi
Pressure Connections
Reference G1/2″ BSP(F) with push-in adapter and 0.5 mt hose (4 x 2 mm)
Test Point G1/4″ BSP(F) with push-in adapter and 0.5 mt hose (4 x 2 mm)
Volume Control Fine Adjustment to 0.01 mbar
Other 3 ways selector for pressure/vacuum/vent
Dimensions approx. 180 x 111 x 31 mm with t-pcs
Weight approx. 295 g
Ordering Code PGS8
PGS-A-BSP Stainless Steel Test Point adapter set G⅛, G¼, G⅜, G½, Female
PGS-A-NPT Stainless Steel Test Point adapter set ⅛” NPT, ¼” NPT, ½” NPT, 3/8″ NPT Female
PGS-A-M Stainless Steel Test Point adapter set M12 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5
PGS-A-G14A-G14A Stainless Steel Adapter 1/4″ BSP M to 1/4″ BSP M
PGS-A-G14A=G18A Stainless Steel Adapter 1/4″ BSP M to 1/8″ BSP M
PGS8-CASE Transit case with space for pump and accessories