PLB 150 – Portable liquid bath

The PLB150 is a portable liquid bath temperature calibrator, which can be used with accessories for Dry-block, infrared and surface sensor calibration

  • Range: -18 to 140 °C
  • Calibration volume: 60 x 170 mm
  • Liquid bath
  • Dry-block
  • Infrared
  • Surface


The PLB 150 portable liquid bath  have a large calibration volumes, 60mm x 170 mm deep, which make it ideal to use as portable liquid bath. Stirred liquid baths are suitable for temperature sensors of all types and shapes and can provide smaller calibration uncertainties ( stability, uniformity and accuracy) than dry blocks calibrators.

The PLB 150 Portable stirred liquid bath comes in two models:

PLB 150-TS Temperature calibrator/source with no inputs

PLB 150-TC Temperature Calibrator/source with inputs for reference sensor and sensor under test

Stirred liquid bath use
As a liquid bath the sensor is placed directly into the block with-out the need of special drilled inserts. When used as a stirred liquid bath, the PLB 150 achieve increased performances, similar to those of larger and expensive laboratory liquid bath. As the fluid is inserted directly into the block, the overall performance of the PLB 150 is superior to similar products which use liquid container.
The magnetic stirred ensure excellent homogeneity. The speed can be changed using the on board potentiometer to suit different fluid viscosity.

The PLB 150 can be converted with different accessories to a Dry block, infrared and surface temperature calibrator. When used as Infrared calibrator, the large block diameter make it suitable to test hand held infrared thermometer with large distance to spot ratio.
When used in dry block mode, the large block allow for testing several sensors at the same time or large diameter sensors.


Temperature Range
@ 20ºC -18 C to 140 C
@ 0ºC -38 to 140°C
As Liquid Bath ± 0.01 °C
As Dry block ± 0.01 °C
Uniformity as Liquid Bath
Axial ± 0.02 °C @ -10 °C
± 0.02 °C@ 0°C
± 0.01 °C @ 120 °C
Radial ± 0.01 °C @ -10 °C
± 0.01 °C@ 0°C
± 0.02 °C @ 120 °C
with Internal Sensor ± 0.15 °C
with External Sensor SRS (*) ± 0.08 °C   ( TC version only)
Resolution user-selectable 0.1 , 0.01 C
Units user-selectable C, F,K
Calibration Volume
As Liquid Bath 54 x 150 mm
As dry block 60 x 170 mm
Heating time ambient to 120°C: 30 min ( include time to stability)
Cooling time ambient to -10°C : 30 min (include time to stability)
Thermocouple Input (TC version)
Type K,N,R,S,J,E
Range 0 to 1300 °C
Accuracy ± 1°C Include CJC error
Resolution user-selectable 0.1 , 0.01 °C
RTD’S input ( TC version only)
Type Pt 100 (3/4 wires)
Range -100 C to 700 °C
Accuracy ± 0.3 °C
Resolution user-selectable 0.1 , 0.01 °C
Computer interface RS 232 as standard ( UBS adapter supplied as option) and EIUK software included
Switch Test Yes
Ramp Yes fully programmable
Weight 8 Kg
Dimensions 160x340x330 mm
Power Requirement 115 o 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Power 300 VA
 Notes * Require SRS sensor and special UKAS matching calibration. Long term drift not included


  • Temperature range:-18 to 140 ºC
  • Large calibration volume: Ø 60 x 170 mm
  • Accuracy better than ±0.08 C using external reference sensor
  • High stability: ± 0.02 ºC
  • Best in class radial uniformity: ± 0.02 ºC
  • Inputs for reference sensor and sensor under test
  • Fully programmable ramp
  • Automatic switch test function
  • Use as stirred liquid bath, ice point, dry block, black body target and surface sensors temperature calibrator
  • RS232 and calibration software as standard

Scope of Delivery

  • PLB Portable Liquid Bath
  • 500 CC of Silicon Oil 47V10 (PLB 150)
  • Closing Lead ( PLB-ACC-03)
  • Fluid Empty System ( PLB-ACC-04)
  • Thermometer Support ( PLB-ACC-05)
  • Power Lead
  • Fuse Kit
  • Temperature switches test leads
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Instruction Manual
  • Soft case with pocket and shoulder strap
  • RS232 Cable
  • EIUK- CAL Software Package
  • Clamp leads ( TC version only)

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PLB 150 – Portable liquid bath