RASI 200 Flue Gas Analyser

Suitable for Gas, Oil and wood fired boilers, RASI 200 is the smallest hand-held flue gas analyser used by professionals

  • Measure 02, CO, Flue Gas Temperature, Air Temperature, draught and pressure
  • Calculate CO2%, CO/CO2 Ratio, Efficiencies, Ex Air, losses
  • Multi-fuel for Nat Gas, LPG, heavy/light Oil, Kerosene, Butane, Propane,Wood Dry, Pellet
  • Perform let by and tightness test
  • Perform CO room test
  • Separate differential temperature menu
  • Design to meet BS 7927, BS 7967 and BS EN 50379
  • 5 years extended warranty

The RASI 200 has now been replaced by the RASI300 and RASI300C flue gas analysers

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Suitable for Gas, Oil and wood fired boilers, RASI 200 is the smallest Hand-Held flue gas analyser used by leading boilers manufacturer.

About this Flue Gas Analyser

RASI 200 is designed for use on domestic installations ad it is the obvious choice for proefessional heating engineers and installers.

  • Display O2, CO, CO2, ratio, Ex Air, temperature and pressure, draught
  • Measure differential temperature
  • Perform let by, stabilization and tightness test
  • Perform CO test
  • Tested to BS 7967 and BS EN 50379
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • CPA1 KIT available


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    RASI 300 Flue Gas Analyser

    The RASI300 is a compact and rugged flue gas analyser for those working on domestic GAS & OIL installations

    • Flue Gas and combustion Analyser
    • Measure draught and differential pressure
    • Measure temperatures
    • Timed let by/tightness test function
    • CO ambient test
    • Multi-fuel up to 18
    • 1000 data memory
    • Bluetooth (optional)
    • 5 years warranty and low cost of ownership
    • Fixed annual service cost
  • rasi 300 flue gas analyser

    RASI 300C Flue Gas Analyser

    The RASI 300C is a compact hand held flue gas and combustion analyser featuring long-life high CO cell and fine draught, ideal for heating engineers working on OIL and GAS appliance and for those servicing and installing BIOMASS boilers.


    • CO (H2 compensated) cell 0-20000 ppm
    • long Life O2 cell
    • Optional NOx measurement
    • Suitable for any type of commercial installations
    • 0.001 mbar fine draught resolution
    • Ideal for BIOMASS boilers
    • Touch screen colour display
    • Standard Bluetooth for communication with mobile app
    • 5 years warranty
    • 4000 data memory
  • rasi 700ca flue gas analyser

    RASI 700CA – Flue Gas Analyser for commercial installations

    The RASI700CA is a 3-gas flue gas analyser designed for heating professionals working on all type of boilers, gas, oil and solid fuel tailored made for those working on large scale commercial boilers.

    • CO(H2 comp) extended range up to 20000 ppm with-out dilution
    • Purge Pump/fresh Air valve for CO sensor protection and extended life
    • Long Life O2 sensor
    • Continuous draught measurement
    • TUV BS-EN 50379 tested ,  BS7967
    • 5 years warranty
    • Blue-tooth as standard for communication with MRU4U mobile app
    • Optional NO/NOx measurement ( can retrofit)
    • Optional gas leak dection probe


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