RASI 800 – Portable Emissions and Exhaust Gas Analyser, MCERTS certified

The RASI 800 is a  portable Emissions and flue(exhaust) gas analyser which meets the MCERTS performance standards for Portable Emissions Monitoring Systems

  • MCERTS certificate Sira MC130233/01
  • Best Suited for MCPD ( medium combustion plant directive)
  • Built-in gas cooler and condensate pump
  • RCU for remote control of the analyser
  • Heated Probe and Sampling line
  • High Accuracy True NOx  (NO+NO2)
  • Use up to 6 electrochemical cells for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S
  • NDIR infrared sensors for CO%, CO2% and HC% or HC ppm
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The RASI 800 emissions analyser is the ideal tool for exhaust gas analysis and emissions measurement across the industry. The RASI 800 is MCERTS certified and it is a suitable for complying with the MCPD ( medium combustion plant directives)

Analyser concept

The RASI800 portable emissions and exhaust gas analyser is made up of two separate units, the RCU which control all the function of the analyser and display the measurement values  and the Analsyer Base which contain all sensors and the gas gas conditioner system. The communication between the two units is via bluetooth® with a distance of up to 100 meters

RCU ( remote control unit) 

The RCU  provides remote control of the analyser and displays the measurement values on its large 3.5″ TFT colour display. The menu can be configured with up to 4 measurement applications, for example Gas Engine, Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine and Industrial boilers. Each applications is set to display the correct parameters such as the suitable unit ( ie mg/m3 or ppm) and the correct O2 % reference which varies between applications. This greatly eliminate reporting mistake due to human errors.

Base Unit

The base unit is the hart of the analyser  and contains:

  • up 6 electrical cells and 1 NDIR bench to make up to 9 measurement gas.
  • Gas sample conditioner, gas sampling pump and filters
  • Peltier Gas Cooler and peristaltic pump for controlled water removal as prescribed by the environmental agencies ( EA, EPA etc)
  • Connections for heated and non heated gas sampling probes
  • CO sensor protection
  • Flow monitoring and alarms to ensure correct flow measurement rate

Measurement Capabilities

The RASI 800 offer many measurement capabilities:

NOLow NO2 NO2Low SO2
Pressure Flow/Velocity Temperature Draught