Eurotron Instruments UK LTD, mostly know as EIUK is a manufacturer, supplier and service provider for emissions and comnustion gas analysers, onsite gas analysers,  temperature and pressure calibrators.

EIUK have been helping the indystry across the globe in fullfilling their envirmental obligations and optimising and maintining their quality processes.

  • Emission Analysers

    Emission Analysers (2)

    Eurotron Instruments UK ltd provide one of the largest selection of emissions and combustion gas analyser including the RASI800 which is an MCERTS approved emissions analyser. With products capable of giving deep insights into the combustion processes EIUK is ideally placed to assist process plant operators to gain and maintain emissions compliance and optimise efficiencies.
  • Flue Gas Analysers

    Flue Gas Analysers (8)

    Eurotron Instruments UK Ltd provide and service one of widest range of flue gas analyzers for domestic, commercial, and industrial gas, oil and biomass boilers. All our FGA's are multi-functional tools which allows heating engineers to take pressure readings, CO ambient readings, temperature readings and perform advanced tasks such let-by and tightness test along with the flue gas analysis. Eurotron Instruments flue gas analyzers offer:
    • Fixed service cost
    • New long Life cells up to 5 years
    • Meet BS 7967 standard
    • EN 50379 certified ( Interdependently tested to Part 1 and 3)
    • 5 years warranty
    • Easy to use
    • Blue tooth communication to our mobile app for IOS and ANDROID devices


    If you are working on large scale industrial boilers or CHP's then please visit our Emissions Analysers  product category which provide you with more suitable products for your application.
  • Gas Analysers

    Gas Analysers (4)

    Eurotron Instruments UK ( EIUK) is now one of the largest supplier of fixed and portable gas analyser to the UK market. Our Range of fixed gas analysers are installed across the board, including Waste Water Treatment Plants, Landfill sites, small and large AD plants.
  • Multifunction Calibrators

  • Pressure Calibrators

    Pressure Calibrators (9)

  • Process Calibrators

    Process Calibrators

  • Software


  • Temperature Calibration

    Temperature Calibration (9)

    For more than 30 years Eurotron have been offering Portable Temperature Calibration solutions to the industry across the board. If you require to calibrate temperature sensors with a portable calibrator, please connect with us. In this section you can find calibration solutions for many type of different sensors : Thermocouples, RTDs, temperature switches, odd-shape temperature sensors, surface temperature sensors, bimetallic and infrared sensors. Our range of temperature calibrators include 12 models with a range spanning from -55 to 1200 °C. Many calibrators can be used as dry-block, liquid bath, IR and Surface temperature calibrators.
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