Heating & Installation

The 400HD is a multifunctional probe for use in conjunction with our RASI700/800 Flue Gas Analyser and DM9600 hand held manometer. It connects using the AUX port

  • Use as Professional Gas Leak Detector for Nat Gas, Propane and Hydrogen
  • Display values in ppm, % LEL, LEL
  • Sensors for CO, CFC, gases
  • Sensor for RH% , Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Dewpoint
  • Pressure Ranges:± 75 mbar, ± 150 mbar, ± 350 mbar, ± 1 bar
  • resolution from 0.001 mbar to 0.01 mbar depending from the range
  • large Touch screen and color display
  • 10 x Pressure Units
  • Fully programmable Timed Tightness & Let by test
  • Measure flue gas draught
  • Additional 4 separate pressure testing programme
  • Differential Thermometer using standard type K Thermocouple
  • Stand Alone auto log function with programmable duration and sampling interval
  • Data export to SD car in CSV format
  • Optional Bluetooth for communication with free mobile app
  • Optional AUX connection for multi-functional probe