Field Temperature Calibrators

The TM Series of Portable Temperature calibrators are an ideal tool for calibrating any type of temperature sensors and switches with-in industrial and marine applications. The T650M-MK2 and T375M-MK2 hold a DNV marine type approval which makes them particularly suitable for marine applications.

Maximize accuracy with a one year recommended calibration interval, or lower the cost of ownership of your temperature calibrator by extending the interval to 2 years! Reduce costs associated by recalibration and the logistic of landing the product on-shore

The TM series is available in 3 models to cover a temperature range from –24 to 650ºC. The new block technology allow for fast heating/cooling whilst
maintaining high accuracy and stability. The rugged construction and the light weight make it the ideal tool for on-site or on-board calibration.

The TM series of Dry Block Temperature calibrators have RS232 serial interface as standard and are compatible with the EIUK software cal package.

The TM temperature calibrator also features an intuitive easy-to-use interface, and advanced functions like automatic switch test and auto ramp.