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    EIUK manufacture and supply one of the largest selection of pneumatic and Hydraulic hand pumps for calibrating pressures and vacuum.  Calibration hand pumps or (test pumps) are generally used in conjunction with a digital test gauge or analogue pressure indicator ( often referred as ” the master gauge” ) for calibration and testing of pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, safety valves and all kind of pressure devices both on-site on in the laboratory. The EI-UK's PGS series can be supplied in different configuration to match customer requirements and applications.
  • Digital Pressure Gauges

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    Digital pressure gauges are precision instruments designed for reading pressure or vacuum where precise measurement is needed with high resolution. They are mostly used as a reference gauge that enable easy viewing on a large digital display. They are small, portable, robust and battery powered. Many models can also store data which can be downloaded. Supplied as a stand-alone process indicators or in a kit with the widely proven PGS hand pumps, our range of digital test gauges provide a reliable and economic solution for a wide range of on site and laboratory pressure testing applications. Eurotron Instruments (UK) manufacture, supply and service a wide range of digital pressure test gauges, used in various industries including and ATEX version for use in potentially explosive areas.
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    Druck pressure calibrators

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