Emission Analysers

Portable Stack Gas Analyser suitable for use with standard reference
methods and for verifying and calibrating installed CEMS, according to the requirements of EN

  • Certified to Transportable Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems(T-CEMS)
  • Operate according to EN 15267-4:2017, EN 14181, QAL1, EN 14793
  • Covers NOx, CO, O2, CO2, SO2, N20
  • Additional measurement for CH4, C3H8, N2O
  • Suitable for Small, medium and large combustion plant

The RASI700 is a true 8-gas hand held emissions and industrial flue gas analyser which can be configured to your specific application. It is the ultimate tool for tuning and servicing industrial boilers and gas and diesel engines.

  • 6-gas choice of electro-chemical sensors for 02, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, NO2Low, SO2 and H2S
  • 2 gas choice of NDIR sensor for CO2% and HCppm
  • Can be configured with 8 sensors at the same time
  • Integrated pressure sensor measure draught and differential pressure
  • Continuous Draught measurement along with combustion analysis
  • CO sensor fresh air valve for working with high CO concentration
  • Blue-tooth® as standard for communication with mobile app
  • Works with both IOS and ANDROID devices

Eurotron Instruments UK ltd provide, service and hire the largest selection of emissions and combustion gas analysers. The MGA Prime Q is MCERTS certified to T-CEMS (EN 15627-4). The RASI 800 is MCERTS certified to HEM’s ( Hand Held Emissions Monitoring System) and the RASI700 is TUV approved to EN 50379-2.

The Environment Agency established the Monitoring Certification Scheme
(MCERTS) to deliver environmental measurements that meet our requirements for suitability and quality. It provides evidence of accuracy and reliability.

From January 2025 all the Analysers used on installations which follow under the MCDP must be MCERTS certified at least to HEM’s . The certified range must be no more than 2.5 times the emission limit value (ELV).

The Environment Agency regulates combustion plants from 1MW to 50MW under the MCPD and from 50MW upwards under the provisions for large combustion plants (LCPs) under the provisions of Chapter III of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).