Portable Liquid Baths

The PLB150 is a portable liquid bath temperature calibrator, which can be used with accessories for Dry-block, infrared and surface sensor calibration

  • Temperature Range: -38 to 140 °C
  • Calibration Volume: 60 x 170 mm
  • Liquid bath
  • Dry-block
  • Infrared
  • Surface

The PLB series of Portable liquid baths and multi-function temperature calibrators are the latest addition to our established range of temperature calibrators.  Stirred liquid baths offers better stability and uniformity than dry-block temperature calibrators and they are a perfect solution for calibrating any type of temperature sensors including odd-shape or short sensors.

The PLB series cover a range from -50 to 250C and can operate as:

  • Liquid Baths
  • Dry-block Calibrators
  • Surface Temperature calibrator
  • Infrared sensors calibrators