PTB 1100 - High Temperature Thermocouple Calibrator

  • Range 100 to 1100 °C
  • Large Calibration volume: 220 x 44 mm
  • Integrated dual input read-out for TC and RTD


The PTB110 offers extreme high temperature calibration in an easy to use portable package maintaining a large calibration volume and a deeper immersion depth of 220 mm compared to other product in the market. Immersion depth plays a key role in calibrating larger diameter sensor which are very typical in high temperature applications.

The PTB1100 is the ideal for the calibration of high temperature thermocouples. It has been designed for fast heating and finds applications in the glass, electrical power, automotive and material processing industries.

The standard insert has four holes 7 – 9 – 11 – 13,5 x 155 mm 220 deep.

This high temperature calibrators are easy to use and are available in two different versions – the TS and TC.

The TS has a digital display to set nominal temperature, the TC additionally includes an built-in 2 channel temperature indicator for a reference probe and probe under test. On the TC version you can simply compare the sensor under test to a reference probe with-out the need of any auxiliary equipment. Both versions have sophisticated functions such as automatic and fully programmable temperature ramp and stand alone switch test.

The PTB1100’s are supplied as standard with RS232 communication and include a free calibration software

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PTB 1100 – High Temperature Thermocouple Calibrator