RASI 700CA Industrial Flue Gas Analyser (Copy)

The RASI700CA is a 4 gases industrial flue gas analyser which can be configured to measure 02, CO, NOx and SO2 suitable for all type of industrial boilers


The RASI700CA is a 4-Gas industrial flue gas analyser suitable for commissioning, servicing and trouble shooting large commercial and industrial boilers. The RASI 700CA is a revised version of our industrial flue gas and emissions analyser model RASI700 and it especially designed for the UK market.

The RASI700CA does the work of several tools: Flue Gas analyser, combustion and efficiency analyser, let by and tightness test meter, differential pressure manometer, continuous draught measurement ( mandatory on biomass boilers), thermometer and gas flow meter.

The RASI700CA meet the BS7967 standards and it has been independently tested to the BS EN 50379.

The RASI700CA industrial flue gas analyser is now compatible with our “smart data” mobile app.

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RASI 700CA Industrial Flue Gas Analyser (Copy)