DM9600 – Hand Held Differential Pressure Meter

  • Pressure Ranges:± 75 mbar, ± 150 mbar, ± 350 mbar, ± 1 bar
  • resolution from 0.001 mbar to 0.01 mbar depending from the range
  • 10 x Pressure Units
  • Fully programmable Timed Tightness & Let by test
  • Additional 4 separate pressure testing programme
  • Differential Thermometer using standard type K Thermocouple
  • Stand Alone auto log function with programmable duration and sampling interval
  • Data export to SD car in CSV format
  • Optional Bluetooth for communication with free mobile app
  • Optional AUX connection for multi-functional probe


The DM 9600 is an high accuracy hand held differential pressure meter ( manometer) suitable for most domestic and commercial pressure testing applications. It features 4 separate pressure testing programme which can be renamed, timed let by/stabilization tightness test. It also can be used as differential thermometer and as a professional gas sniffer  using the external HD400 probe and sensors.

This hand held manometer uses piezo-restive sensor technology which ensure high precision, repeatability and stability over a wide temperature compensated range from 0 to 50ºC

The measurement values are presented on the  large 2,8″ touch, color display which make it easy to read even in poor light conditions. The reinforced fiber glass enclosure, protects the integrity of the manometer in case of accidental drops.  The DM9600 is powered by Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with in excess of 20 hours per charge. You can conveniently charge the manometer in the car thanks to the mini USB charging points

To help with hand free operation, the back of the manometer is fitted with 4 strong magnets



Pressure Ranges/Models
DM9600-NO-NO-75± 75 mbar0.001 mbar±0.02 mbar or 0.5 % rdg
DM9600-NO-NO-150± 150 mbar0.01 mbar±0.03 mbar or 0.5 % rdg
DM9600-NO-NO-350± 350 mbar0.01 mbar± 0.3 mbar or 0.5 % rdg
DM9600-NO-NO-1K± 1000 mbar0.1 mbar± 1 mbar or 1 % rdg
General specifications
Medianon-aggressive gas
Compensated Temperature range-0 °C to 50 °C
Pressure UnitshPa / mbar / bar / psi / mmHg / inchHG / cmH2O / inchH2O
Display2.8″ touch TFT
Storage temperature-20 °C to 50 °C
Operating Temperature-0 °C to 50 °C
Pressure Connection8.0 mm diameter
Dimension83 x 38 x 180 mm
Weight340 g
ProtectionIP 30
PowerLi-Ion Rechargeable batteries
Battery life20 hours
Housing materialPA6GF
Supplied withInstrument, USB lead, calibration certificate


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DM9600 – Hand Held Differential Pressure Meter