PTB 150 – Temperature Calibrator

The PTB 150 is a low range portable dry block temperature calibrator capable to generate temperature below ambient.

  • Temperature Range: -48 to 150 °C
  • Accuracy better than 0.08 ºC using SRS reference sensor
  • Calibration Volume: 35 x 135 mm
  • Stability:± 0.03 °C
  • Dual input for reference sensor and sensor under test
  • Use as Dry block, black body source and surface temperature calibrator
    Calibrate the whole loop


The PTB 150 Dry Block low temperature calibrator offers industry-leading performance in an easy to use portable package with a wider range from -48C to 150 ºC. It is ideal for the calibration of Thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers.  It has been designed for fast heating and cooling for convenient use in field and Laboratory.

The new PTB 150 comes in two different models: TS and TC
-PTB 150 TS Temperature Calibrator
-PTB 150 -TC Temperature calibrator with inputs for reference sensor and sensor-under-test

Fast and accurate calibration

Although featuring a large calibration volume of 35 x 130 mm,  the PTB 150 heating/cooling block technology allow for fast heating/cooling and reduced time to stability. This translate in reduced cost of calibration, less downtime and less man power. All in all it saves money.

Interchangeable multi-holes inserts

The PTB 150 uses interchangeable multi-holes inserts. The standard range of inserts accommodate most of the standard temperature sensors. Custom inserts are available on request to accommodate non standard temperature sensor testing.

Use as Infrared and Surface Sensors Calibration

Accessories/inserts are available to convert to for surface sensor calibration, to calibrate infrared thermometers. With excellent stability and distributed heating cooling zones for good uniformity these calibrators offer proven thermal performance.

Light and easy to carry

We have thoroughly included the weight in our design and have developed new techniques and used different materials  that have made the PTB 157 temperature calibrator lightweight and easy to carry on site without compromising its quality, durability or functionality.

Automatic Switch/Thermostat Test function ( TS and TC version)

Set your automatic ramp ( slope) with up to 0.1ºC per minute rate. The PTB 157 will store for you the contact open and closed. No need for any additional multimeter.
Maximise your time and perform other tasks while the PTB will do the job for you.

Highest Accuracy ( TC Version) to 0.07 ºC

The TC version is equipped with an built-in high accuracy reference input to be used in conjunction with our SRS ( semi standard PRT). This feature allows the PTB-TC to perform calibration with an higher degree of accuracy. The use of an external reference sensor also eliminates most of the error due to stem conduction and different load when calibrating.

A special 90ºC angled external reference sensor is designed to accommodate calibration of sensors with transmitter head.  It provide maximum clearance to the top of the calibrator.
Our SRS external reference sensors are especially designed to improve the performance of our PTB series.
The size and length of the external reference sensors have been chosen to provide best performance on the TC version.  A special linearization/ calibration with the built-in reference input provides maximum reading accuracy better than 0.07 ºC

The user can decide to read with the built-in reference sensor or the more accurate angled external SPRT. The Internal sensor and external sensor readings are independent pf one another

Reading of Sensor Under Test ( TC version)

The PTB 150-TC is equipped with a built-in accurate measurement input for sensors under test which enable measurement of RTD and TC. The User can compare the reading of the unit under test to one of the external or internal reference sensor. There is no need to carried on field an additional external hand held thermometer.

EIUK Calibration Software

EIUK is a versatile calibration software that is supplied as standard together with any PTB Temperature Calibrators. The software allows for easy calibration of all kind of temperature sensors, such as RTD´s, thermocouples, and thermo-switches.

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PTB 150 – Temperature Calibrator