RASI 300 Flue Gas Analyser

Compact and rugged flue gas analyser, with touch screen colour display, suitable for use on domestic gas and oil boilers

  • Flue Gas and combustion Analyser
  • Measure draught and differential pressure
  • Measure temperatures
  • Timed let by/tightness test function
  • CO ambient test
  • Multi-fuel up to 18
  • 1000 data memory
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • 5 years warranty and low cost of ownership
  • Fixed annual service cost


The new RASI 300 is an high quality Flue Gas Analysers suitable for gas and oil and wood fired domestic appliances.

Designed for the UK market
Designed especially for the UK market, the RASI 300 features a unique touch screen colour display and task oriented menu which provide the user with an easy access to all the functions of the gas analysers: flue Gas Analysis, direct draught measurement, pressure and differential pressure measurement, timed letby and tightness test, flow and return temperatures and CO ambient measurement

Meets BS 7967 requirements
This flue gas analyser have been tested to BS EN 50379 and meets the requirements of the BS 7967 and Gas Safe Technical bulletin TB143

The RASI 300 also have a built-in large memory which can store up to 1000 data set,
Li-ION rechargeable batteries which charge trough USB port, IRDA printer and support up to 18 pre-programmed fuels. Optional Bluetooth® is available as option

Large Memory
Rasi300- flue gas analyser storage menuThe Rasi 300 features an advanced memory function to store up to 1000 data sets. Store value can be review on the large colour display of the analyser or exported to the standard micro SD card ( card not supplied) to a CSV file. Saved data can also be printed using the remote IRDA printer.

Timed Tightness and let-by test
Rasi300- let-by and tightness testA fully programmable function facilitate the tightness and let by test procedures. Heating engineers can select the time and duration to suits the application. Data are presented on the flue gas analyser display both in text and graphical form.

Quick and easy to use
web-rasi300–taks-menuThanks to the fast auto-zero , the analyser is ready to be used in 30 seconds. The smart task menu make it easy to select the desired function.

Models & Prices

Our experience shows that most of the heating engineers prefers to purchase their analysers in KIT formats. All our kits have been put together to deliver cost saving and more importantly are applications oriented. Accessories included in each KITs can also be purchased separately to make up your own configuration.


Flue Gas Measurements
Parameter Range Accuracy Resolution
Oxygen 0-25% +0.2%vol abs 0.1% Vol


Fixed Service Cost with only 2 days turnaround
The RASI 300 flue gas analyser is subjected to a fixed annual service cost of 99 GBP+ VAT which include the cost of servicing, calibration, the replacement of the O2 and/or CO cell when required and the issue of new calibration certificate with full test data valid for 12 months. This annual fixed service cost offer many advantages: low cost of ownership, keep the analyser with-in its 5 years warranty, you know exactly the running cost of your analyser, ensure that the analyser is fit for purpose and keep the analyser with-in the required legislation.

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RASI 300 Flue Gas Analyser