RASI 700 – Industrial flue gas and emissions analyser

The RASI700 is a true 8-gas hand held emissions and industrial flue gas analyser which can be configured to your specific application. It is the ultimate tool for tuning and servicing industrial boilers and gas and diesel engines.

  • 6-gas choice of electro-chemical sensors for 02, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, NO2Low, SO2 and H2S
  • 2 gas choice of NDIR sensor for CO2% and HCppm
  • Can be configured with 8 sensors at the same time
  • Integrated pressure sensor measures draught and differential pressure
  • CO sensor fresh air valve for working with high CO concentration
  • Blue-tooth® as standard for communication with mobile app
  • Works with both IOS and ANDROID devices
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The RASI 700 is an hand held industrial flue gas analyser suitable for installing, servicing and commissioning industrial boilers and burners, gas and diesel engine generators, and gas turbines.

True 8-gas industrial flue gas analyser

These compact hand held industrial flue gas analyser come as standard fitted with a Long Life O2 sensor and can be configured with up to 6 electrochemical measurement sensors ( CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S) and a special designed dual range NDIR infrared sensor for direct measurement of CO2% and HC ( Hydrocarbon) in the flue. This makes the RASI700 unique in the market and a valuable solution for emissions testing at low cost. All the sensors can be installed at the same time, making the RASI700 a trough 8-gases flue gas analyser for use in industry.

In addition to the above, the RASI700 measure as standard draught ( continuously) and differential pressure and Temperature up to 1200 °C . Optionally it can be configured to measure gas velocity and mass flow using our extensive range  of type L and type S pitot tubes.

Measuring with high concentration of CO 

The RASI700 is fitted as standard with a fresh air valve/purge pump to protect the CO cells from being damaged from unexpected extremely high levels of CO ( carbon monoxide) in the flue gas. The purge pump is automatically activated when sudden concentration of high CO occurs. The activation threshold value can be chosen by the operator.

Integrated large condensate trap

The large integrated condensate trap prevent water to enter the gas analyser and reach the gas sensors. Although being integrated, the water condensate trap is removable to make it easy to empty  it.

Remote control of the analyser using free MRU4U mobile app

The free mobile app turns your IOS and ANDROID devices into the display of the RASI700. This allow to bridge long distances when sampling points are located away from the control panels, in applications such engine generators and large boilers/burners. The mobile app include many features that enhance data collection and data reporting. Data can be shared in PDF or CSV format via email or external drivers such as dropbox, one drive etc.

Large Selection of Gas Sampling probes

The RASI700 industrial flue gas analyse offers a wide range of gas sampling probes. All our probes are modular and they measure pressure(draught) and temperature at the same time. They come in different length starting from 365 mm trough 2000 mm either in stainless steel or Inconell 600 material to with-stand higher temperatures up to 1200°C.