SWG100 BIOCOMPACT - Biogas Analyser for Farm AD plants

The SWG100 BioCompact is a Biogas Analyser especially designed for farm-based anaerobic digesters. The system is configured for measurement  of O2, (CH4), CO2% and (H2S) from a single or dual sample point and provide analogue or digital output signals to a scada system or CHP engine.


The SWG100 BIOcompact is a cost effective fixed biogas Analyser ideal for use on reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food waste applications.  This super compact fixed gas analyser is a valid and cost effective solution to a portable gas analyser.

The SWG100 BIOcompact biogas analyser can be configured to measure Oxygen (02%), Methane ( CH4%), Carbon Dioxide(CO2%) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) from a single or dual sampling points.

The system automatically measure up to 24 times a day (with user defined intervals) or on demand by simply pressing a button. This features allow the operator to take additional gas readings as required outside the timed measurement sampling programme.

The Biogas readings are automatically stored to the internal SD card for easy transfer to a PC for future analysis. No special software is required as data are saved in CSV format.

The system offers standard RS 485 and Modbus communications, and optional 4 x 4-20 mA analogue output, profibus and ethernet industrial interfaces.

The SWG100 BIOcompact is easy to operate, self install and with the lower cost of ownership.



  • 1 or 2 Sample points
  • Measure O2, CH4%, CO2% and H2S
  • Automatic or manual sample
  • Data logging and storage on SD card
  • Integrated Automated moisture removal drain
  • 4-20 mA outputs, modbus, profibus or ethernet
  • Alarm contact relay output
  • Gas Alarm and fault notifications
  • Analyser system alarm
  • Clear colour graphic dislay easy to read
  • Cabinet Heater for cold climate operation


Sample Points 1-2
Gas Range Accuracy* Resolution Type Method
O2% 0-25 % ± 0.2% Vol 0.01% Vol EC Sampled or on-demand
CH4% 0-100% ± 0.3% Vol or 3 % m.v 0.01% Vol NDIR Sampled or on-demand
CO2% 0-100% ± 0.3% Vol or 3 % m.v 0.01% Vol NDIR Sampled or on-demand
H2S 0-5000 ppm ± 5 ppm 1 ppm EC Sampled or on-demand
Barometric Pressure 850-1150 mbar
Calculated Values CV gross/net 0-50 MJ3, MJ/Kg
Display 3.5″ TFT color display, backlight
Keyboard Tactile with password protected menu
Output communications/Industrial Interfaces
Analouge up to 12 x 4-20 mA outputs/input individually configurable
Alarms 1 x system alarm and up to 6 alarm relay output , free contact 24 VDC/5A
Digital Modbus RTU as standard, optional Ethernet, profinet, profibus DP and wed enable remote access
Data logging Internal memory and SD card
Event Log Record of Alarm/event to SD card
Gas Inlet Stainless steel gas gas fittings with 1/8″ ID Thread
Water Trap Integrated water trap with auto-drain as standard
Filter Teflon Particulate filter, internal housing in Viton
Flow 40-60 l/hr
Pressure Sample pressure from -100 to 300 mbar
LEL% internal gas sniffer
Sample gas shut-off insolent valve
Stainless Steel flow orifice restriction
Dimension 400x500x300 (H x W x D) wall mounting
Weight/Protection 14 KG, IP 54
Operating Temperature +5 to 45 °C ( -10 to 45 °C with optional heater)
Heater Cabinet Heater 200 W
Mains/Power Universal 90240 VAC/ 47..63 Hz, 42W – 242 W with cabinet heater
Notes *After Calibration- Does not include calibration gas accuracy
** Due to continuous product improvements, specifications might change with-out prior notice

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SWG100 BIOCOMPACT – Biogas Analyser for Farm AD plants