T-CEMS EN 15267-4 Emissions Analyser

T-CEMS MCERTS Emissions Analyser EN 15627-4

We are proud to announce that our MGA Prime Q has received an MCERTS accreditation as T-CEMS,


EN 15267-4 provides performance requirements for T-CEMS. Manufacturers have developed these systems for use within standard reference methods (SRMs) for compliance monitoring and for the second quality assurance level (QAL2) requirements of EN 14181.

The MGAprime Q is a portable Stack Gas Analyser suitable for use with standard reference methods and for verifying and calibrating installed CEMS, according to the requirements of the EN 14181.

T-CEMS are used for

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Verifying and calibrating installed CEMS, according to the requirements of BS EN 14181
  • Providing temporary back-up systems when permanent CEMS are not operating

The MGAprime Q covers O2, CO, NOx, SO2 as part of its certification plus additional measurements for CH4, C3H8, CxHy and N2O
This measuring system is the world’s most compact solution that consists of a complete gas conditioning system with a heated gas sampling probe and line, and the analyser with integrated gas cooler and gas analysis modules.
The analyser can simultaneously measure nine gas components (O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, CH4, C3H8) as well as gas temperature, flow velocity with calculation of flow rate.
The gas components are measured with a paramagnetic sensor and innovative, infrared (NDIR) measurement technology. Measurements of SO2 and NOx meet the requirements of equivalence with the standard reference methods. This eliminates the need to use complex and costly technology such as a chemiluminescence detector with an upstream NO2 to NO converter.
The analyser technology is based on a drift-free and precise infrared measurement technique, where the cross-interferences of H2O and the measured gas components are compensated by software.
The large touch and swipe color display enables easy, intuitive operation with a variety of graphic options. The measurements data can be transferred via LAN, WLAN, 4-20mA, RS485 and USB stick.