Landfill and Biogas Analyser – the new SWG100 BIOEX

Eurotron Instruments (UK) ltd, a market leader in supplying and servicing Gas Analysers, are pleased to announce the launch of the new SWG100 BIOEX gas analyser which complete and improve the range of our biogas and landifll gas analysers

The SWG100 BIOEX is the new generation of gas analysers, ATEX certified for use in ZONE II areas, which focus on Biogas, landfill and bio-methane markets. It has been designed to help plant operators to maximise gas production and to protect very expensive CHP’s gas engines from sudden gas changes.

The SWG100 BIOEX gas analyser continuously monitor up to 6 gases, including 02, CO2%, CH4%, H2S, H2 and CO, from 1 to 4 sampling points and it is supplied a standard with an efficient Peltier gas cooler and condensate pump to increase CH4 % ( Methane ) accuracy readings, and to protect the measurement sensors from moisture built-up in the gas stream. Data outputs are available via 4-20 mA analogue signals, modbus RTU and many other industrial interfaces such us Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet.

Other key features include:

  • Plug and Play pre-calibrated sensors, user replaceable minimise downtime in case of sensor faults
  • Advance multiple Alarm outputs function for plant and engine protection
  • Full on-site maintenance
  • Easy access and replacement for all the parts
  • Auto-Cal function for both ZERO and SPAN
  • Minimal installation requirement
  • Easy Operation
  • Very low cost of ownership
  • Zero operational downtime during servicing

The SWG 100 BIOEX features an improved IP 65 Stainless Steel enclosure weather proof, and it is ATEX certified for use and installation in ZONE II AREAS

Eurotron Instruments provides the best in class on-site service across the UK and an extensive remote product support and training either on-site on in our Daventry facility.

The SGW100 BIOEX is available for delivery by the end of November 2016. For additional information or to request and onsite visit to discuss your application, please email or call 01327-871044.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above article

Marketing Team

Gas analysers mobile app for iPhone and android devices

Change the way you use your gas analyser: download our new mobile up which turn your android or IOS device into a gas analyser, combustion and emissions analyser. The new mobile app is a break trough innovation which promote safety at work and increase productivity. The MRU4U works with the following hand held devices:

  • RASI700 Emissions and Combustion Analyser
  • RASI700BIO Portable Biogas Analyser
  • RASI700CA Industrial Flue Gas Analyser
  • RASI300C commercial flue gas analyser
  • RASI300 domestic flue gas analyser

The new mobile app will allow you from your smart device to :

  • Control all the functions of the analyser
  • Stream real time data
  • Save data on your smart device
  • Trend data on your smart device
  • Data-log on smart device with user define interval
  • Add comments, notes and picture to set of measurements
  • share data with your colleague in CSV or screen shot format