Gas analysers mobile app for iPhone and android devices

Change the way you use your gas analyser: download our new mobile up which turn your android or IOS device into a gas analyser, combustion and emissions analyser. The new mobile app is a break trough innovation which promote safety at work and increase productivity. The MRU4U works with the following hand held devices:

  • RASI700 Emissions and Combustion Analyser
  • RASI700BIO Portable Biogas Analyser
  • RASI700CA Industrial Flue Gas Analyser
  • RASI300C commercial flue gas analyser
  • RASI300 domestic flue gas analyser

The new mobile app will allow you from your smart device to :

  • Control all the functions of the analyser
  • Stream real time data
  • Save data on your smart device
  • Trend data on your smart device
  • Data-log on smart device with user define interval
  • Add comments, notes and picture to set of measurements
  • share data with your colleague in CSV or screen shot format