400GD Gas Leak Detector

  • Flexible goose probe
  • Suitable for Nat Gas, LPG and H2
  • Display value in ppm, % , % LEL both numerically and graphically
  • Uses Plug & Play Sensors
  • Programmable Alarm Threshold
  • Acoustic, Visual and Vibration alarm
  • Long Lasting Li-ION rechargeable batteries
  • Charges via mini USB
  • Graphic TFT display
  • Generate QR code with measurement values


The GD400 is a professional gas leak detector for NAT GAS, LPG and H2 which is not just only able to detect gas leaks, but display the value in both numerical and graphical mode. This is what makes it different from other gas sniffers in the market place. The 400GD display values in ppm, % LEL or LEL. The 400GD gas leak detector uses plug and play pre-calibrated sensor and can be extended to other measurements such CO2 ppm (ambient) , CO ppm, Gas Refrigerants, and Indoor measurements

Sensors are plug and play and can be added any time

The 400GD allow you to generate a QR code for the measurement taken and automatically email them to a nominated email address using standard mobile phone features


Additional information


400GD-HC400, 400GD-HC402


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400GD Gas Leak Detector