DM9600 CHP - Hand Held Digital Manometer for Engines

  • Measure low differential pressures over high static pressure line up to 7 bar
  • Range -1 to 7 bar gauge and differential
  • Accuracy 0.1 %
  • Stand Alone data logging function


The DM9600-CHP is an high accuracy hand held digital manometer which provides precise low differential pressure measurements over high static pressure lines up to 7 bar.  This hand held manometer is particularly  suitable for engineers taking differential measurements on CHP Gas engines after the inter-cooler or across the filters.


  • High Accuracy low differential pressure reading over high static pressure up to 7 bar
  • 0.1 mbar bar resolution across the range
  • 0.1 % accuracy
  • Range -1 to 7 bar
  • Use a gauge, vacuum or differential pressure manometer
  • Auto data logging function
  • Extended internal memory
  • Micro SD card
  • Site Management
  • Data Export on SD card
  • Optional Blue tooth for communication with MRU4U app
  • Print on the RASI700 printer
  • Integrated Magnet
  • Li-ion Batteries ( 30hrs operation) and USB charging
  • Optional Gas Leak probe: 0-20000 ppm


  • Differential pressure across the engine after cooler
  • Differential pressure across the engine gas filter
  • Engine gas train pressure
  • Engine manifold/boost pressure
  • Back pressure
  • Crane Pressure
  • Engine gas delivery pressure
  • Gas plant filter differential pressure
  • Gas plant vacuum
  • Incoming gas line vacuum
  • Vacuum
  • Water & Oil Pressure ( using external pressure sensor)

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DM9600 CHP – Hand Held Digital Manometer for Engines