DM9600 CHP - Hand Held Digital Manometer for Engines

  • Measure low differential pressures over high static pressure line up to 10 bar
  • Range -1 to 10 bar gauge and differential
  • Accuracy 0.1 %
  • Stand Alone data logging function
  • AUX port for additional gas sniffer sensors connection


The DM9600-CHP is an high accuracy hand held digital manometer which provides precise low differential pressure measurements over high static pressure lines up to 10 bar.  This hand held manometer is particularly  suitable for engineers taking differential measurements on CHP Gas engines after the inter-cooler or across the filters.


  • High Accuracy low differential pressure reading over high static pressure up to 7 bar
  • 0.1 mbar bar resolution across the range
  • 0.1 % accuracy
  • Range -1 to 10 bar
  • Use a gauge, vacuum or differential pressure manometer
  • Auto data logging function
  • Extended internal memory
  • Micro SD card
  • Site Management
  • Data Export on SD card
  • Optional Blue tooth for communication with MRU4U app
  • Print on the RASI700 printer
  • Integrated Magnet
  • Li-ion Batteries ( 30hrs operation) and USB charging
  • Optional Gas Leak probe and exhaust leak probe


  • Differential pressure across the engine after cooler
  • Differential pressure across the engine gas filter
  • Engine gas train pressure
  • Engine manifold/boost pressure
  • Back pressure
  • Crane Pressure
  • Engine gas delivery pressure
  • Gas plant filter differential pressure
  • Gas plant vacuum
  • Incoming gas line vacuum
  • Vacuum
  • Water & Oil Pressure ( using external pressure sensor)

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DM9600 CHP – Hand Held Digital Manometer for Engines