MPM-26 Multifunction Process Meter and Calibrator

  • Compact Multi-function Process Calibrator and True RMS DMM
  • Measure and Source : mA, V, RTD’s, TC’s, Frequency
  • Built-in 24 VDC Loop Power Supply and 250 Ω Hart Resistor
  • Large, bright dual-measurement display
  • Complies with 600V CAT.IV, 1000V CAT.III safety standards
  • 0-1000 V AC (true-rms) or DC


The Eurotron MPM-26 is the ultimate troubleshooting tool for electricians and process control professionals. It combines the functionality of a full-featured multifunction process calibrator with the power of a CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V safety rated digital multimeter

The Eurotron MPM-26 also has a built-in 24-Volt loop supply, which reduces the need to carry a separate power supply when doing offline transmitter testing and a built-in, selectable 250-ohm HART® resistor which eliminates the need to carry a separate resistor.

The MPM-26 provide all the functions of a multifunction process calibrators, it measure and source mA, V, all common type of T/C’s, RTD’s, ohm and frequency.

Measure, source, simulate 4-20 mA signals, measure resistance, measure power, provide power to the loop and provide 250-ohm resistance to the loop. The MPM-26 includes Span Check,              25% and 100% buttons to toggle between 4 and 20 mA sourcing, while the display can simultaneously show mA and % of scale readings for faster troubleshooting.

The MPM-26 provides all standard DMM capabilities including frequency measurement to 100 kHz, Min/Max/Average/Hold/Relative modes, and diode test and continuity beeper and capacity meter. Combine that with the ability to troubleshoot every part of the loop.

The MPM-26 had a large dual back-light display and externally accessible fuse and batteries for easy replacement.



  • An industrial tool combined DMMS and process signal source for on-spot maintenance
  • Double color plastic shell to meet IP65 dustproof and waterproof grade, and can be used in harsh environment.
    Complies with 600V CAT.IV, 1000V CAT.III safety standard
  • Measurement functions include: AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current, Ohms, capacity, continuity, diode, frequency, RTD, TC.
  • The displayed reading of measured voltage, resistance and diode is 5500 bytes, and the basic accuracy is 0.1%.
  • The displayed reading of measured current is 55000 bytes, and the basic accuracy is 0.1%.
  • Measurement speed ratio: 20 times / second for fast, and 5 times/ second for slow.
  • True measured AC value, measurement bandwidth: 45Hz~400Hz
  • Selectable manual or auto range, measurement value held displays.
  • Relative value measurement(REL_%)
  • Basic feature of output measurement
  • Max accuracy of output can reach 0.2%, and the output display is 5-digit.
  • Output function: DC voltage, DC current, Ohms, frequency, RTD, TC , SIMULATE function analog transmitter
  • Displays mA and % value simultaneously and provide 25% and 100% manual-step, auto-step and auto-ramping output function when outputting DC current
  • Built-in 24V loop circuit
  • Loop test function
  • Provide 24V loop circuit and measure current simultaneously
  • Built-in 24V loop circuit and loop current measurement
  • Built-in and selectable 250 Ω HART loop resistance and loop power supply, easy for HART communication equipment, without carrying load resistance and power.
  • Built-in temperature transmitter, auto cold-compensation, and display in ℃ or ℉.
  • Large LCD of double show, with white backlight.
  • The meter employs panel calibration technique, connects to standard device, undertakes panel calibration operation according to set range, and saves relevant calibrated data, fulfills the periodic calibration work stipulated by the meter to ensure the accuracy and performance.
  • Battery door, which is convenient to replace batteries and fuse.
  • The meter can supply power with four 5th alkaline batteries or Nimh batteries in the battery case, or use the adaptor to supply.
  • Other functions: auto power shut off, auto backlight shut, low electrical test, temperature unit setting ect.


measurement function range measurement range resolution accuracy remark
DC voltage


50mV -55.00mV~55.00mV 0.01mV 0.1%+4 Input resistance: about 100MΩ
500mV -550.0mV~550.0mV 0.1mV 0.1%+4
5V -5.500V~5.500V 0.001V 0.1%+4 Input resistance: 10MΩ
50V -55.00V~55.00V 0.01V 0.1%+4
500V -550.0V~550.0V 0.1V 0.1%+4
1000V -1000V~1000V 1V 0.1%+4
AC voltage


5V 0~5.500V 0.001V 0.5%+4 Input resistance: 10MΩ <100pF


10%~110% range

50V 0~55.00V 0.01V 0.5%+4
500V 0~550.0V 0.1V 0.5%+4
1000V 0V~750V 1V 0.5%+4


500Ω 0~550.0Ω 0.1Ω 0.1%+4 test current: <0.8 mA

open-circuit voltage: <2.5V

5KΩ 0~5.500KΩ 0.001KΩ 0.1%+4
50KΩ 0~55.00KΩ 0.01KΩ 0.1%+4
500KΩ 0~550.0KΩ 0.1KΩ 0.1%+4
5MΩ 0~5.500 MΩ 0.001MΩ 1%+4
50MΩ 0~55.00 MΩ 0.01MΩ 1%+4
DC current


50mA -55.000mA~55.000mA 0.001mA 0.1%+5 Voltage Drop

<1.8 mV/mA

response time: ≤1S

500mA -500.00mA~500.00mA 0.01mA 0.1%+5
AC current


50mA 0.000mA~55.000mA 0.001mA 0.5%+10 Voltage Drop

<1.8 mV/mA

response time: ≤3S

500mA 0.00mA~500.00mA 0.01mA 0.5%+10


10Hz 0~9.9999Hz 0.0001Hz 0.02%+4
100Hz 0~99.999Hz 0.001Hz 0.02%+4
1000Hz 0~999.99Hz 0.01Hz 0.02%+4
10kHz 0~9.9999kHz 0.0001kHz 0.02%+4
100kHz 0~99.999kHz 0.001kHz 0.02%+4
duty ratio


0.1%~99% 0.1% 1%


2V 0.0001V 1%+10
Continuity test


500Ω 0.1Ω ≤100ΩBB

Thermal couple


R -40°C~1760°C 1°C 0.5%+3°C(≤100)°C


Employ ITS-90 temperature standard

Errors for cold-end compensation is excluded in the accuracy

Errors for Thermoelectric potential is excluded in the accuracy

S -200°C~1760°C
B 400°C~1800°C
K -200°C~1350°C 0.5%+2°C(≤-100)°C


E -200°C~700°C
J -200°C~950°C
T -200°C~400°C
N -200°C~1300°C
Resistance temperature


Cu50 -50°C~150°C 1°C 0.5%+3°C Employ Pt100-385 temperature standard.

Measured current: about 0.8mA.

Open circuit voltage: about 2V.

Wire resistance is excluded in the accuracy.

Pt100 -200°C~850°C


10nF 0~11.00nF 0.01nF 5%+50
100nF 0~110.0nF 0.1nF 5%+5
1000nF 0~1100nF 1nF 5%+5
10µF 0~11.00µF 0.01uF 5%+5
100µF 0~110.0µF 0.1uF 5%+5
1000µF 0~1100µF 1uF 5%+50
10mF 0~11.00mF 0.01mF 5%+50
100mF 0~110.0mF 0.1mF 5%+50

Simulate output function [adapt to one year after calibration 23℃±5℃,20~70% RH,accuracy=±(% settings + bytes)]

measurement function range Output setting range resolution accuracy remark

DC voltage


100mV -10.00~110.00mV 10μV 0.2%+4 Max output current: 0.5mA
1000mV -100.0~1100.0mV 100μV 0.2%+4 Max output current: 2mA
10V -1.000~11.000V 1mV 0.2%+4 Max output current: 5mA

DC current


30mA 0.000~33.000mA 0.001mA 0.2%+4 20mA max load 1KΩ

30mA max load 600Ω

simulate transmitter


30mA 0.000~33.000mA 0.001mA

Loop power


24V ±10% Max output current: 35mA



400Ω 0.0Ω~400.0Ω 0.1Ω 0.2%+4 Simulate current is±0.5~3mA

When simulate current is±0.1~0.5mA,add additional 0.1Ω error.

wire resistance is excluded in the accuracy

Thermal couple


R 0°C~1767°C 1°C



Employ ITS-90 temperature standard.

Errors for cold-end compensation is excluded in the accuracy.


S 0°C~1767°C
B 600°C~1820°C
K -200.0°C~1372.0°C 0.1°C



E -200.0°C~1000.0°C
J -200.0°C~1200.0°C
T -250.0°C~400.0°C
N -200.0°C~1300.0°C

Resistance temperature


PT100 -0200.0~0850.0 0.1°C 0.2%+0.6°C

Employ Pt100-385 temperature standard

±1mA simulate current

wire resistance is excluded in the accuracy

Cu50 -050.0~150.0



100Hz 1.0Hz~110.0Hz 0.1Hz 0.2%+2 square wave

50% duty ratio


1KHz 0.100KHz~1.100KHz 1Hz 0.2%+2
10KHz 1.0KHz~11.0KHz 0.1KHz 0.2%+2

Loop Power Supply

 24 VDC

Built in 250 Ω
HART loop resistance


Display current and % of span


25%,100%Step output


Display Current & % of Span


Auto Power Off


Transmitter Simulation


Overvoltage category

IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000 V
IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600 V

Maximum Voltage

 1000 V RMS

Power Supply

4×1.5V AA Alkaline battery






IP 65


 1 Year


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MPM-26 Multifunction Process Meter and Calibrator