PGS40 – Pressure Calibration Hand Pump

The PGS-40 is a light weight combined vacuum and pressure calibration hand pump designed to provide maximum pressure with minimum effort. It can be be used as a precision pressure calibrator in the field when used in conjunction with our range of digital test gauges.

  • Pressure and Vacuum output
  • Pressure up to 40 bar
  • Vacuum to -28,5 InHg
  • Fine Adjust Vernier
  • Needle Valve for controlled pressure
  • Field Serviceable


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The PGS-40 pressure calibration hand pump is used in conjunction with a precision digital pressure indicator or dial gauge for pressure testing or calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure safety valves and switches and any kind of pressure device installed in a process plant.

The PGS 40 pressure test pump generates pressures and vacuum by simply squeezing the hand scissors and incorporates a volume adjuster ( fine control) for the precise setting of the desired pressure test point.

A valve selector is used for switching between pressure and vacuum mode.

To protect the unit under test and the reference pressure indicator, the PGS 40 calibration hand pump include as standard an adjustable over-pressure protection ( stroke adjustment) which limits the its pressure generation.


Pressure Range  0 to 40 bar/580 psi
Vacuum Range  0 to -0.95 bar/-13.7 psi
Medium Air
Test hose 0.5 meter
Dimension 220x105x63 mm
Weight approximately 510 grams
Material Aluminium, brass, ABS, NBR
Process Connections : Model PGS40-OEM
Reference Port G1/2 swivel adapter
Test point Test hose with G1/4 swivel adapter
Process Connections: Model PGS40-OEM-G14
Reference Port G1/4 swivel adapter
Test point Test hose with G1/4 swivel adapter
Process connections: Model PGS40-OEM-N14
Reference Port 1/4″ NPT Female
Test Point Test hose with 1/4″ NPT F adapter