Portable Syngas Analyser - VARIO Luxx

  • Superior 3 GAS NDIR bench for CO, CH4 and C02 0-100 %, CH4 Selective
  • Long life Thermal Conductivity Cell for H2 0-100 %
  • O2 long life Cell
  • H2S measurement 0-5000 ppm
  • Built-in Gas Conditioning System
  • Data logging, WFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth communication



The VARIO Luxx- SYN is a portable gas analyser suitable for continuous monitoring of 02, CO, Co2, CH4, H2 and H2S with-in syngas and biogas applications



  • O2 sensor (either electrochemical longlife sensor or paramagnetic sensor)
  • NDIR Infrared Technology for CO, CO2, CH4 (CH4 selective for accurate readings in presence of other hydrocarbon
  • Long-life thermal conductivity cell for H2 (0-100 %) fully compensated for CO, CO2, CH4
  • H2S measurement 0-5000 ppm using Electrochemical sensor
  • Integrated, electrical gas cooler (Peltier) and automatic condensate draining pump
  • Strong sample gas pump and external accessible particulate Teflon filter
  • Automatic zeroing by means of 3-way solenoid valve, user programmable
  • Internal sample flow monitoring with display and alarm
  • Linux OS and large backlit 840 x 480 color display, with touch and swipe technique
  • Universal analog input (AUX socket) for external transmitter connection
  • Data memory for approx. 10.000 measurements, optional USB Stick for additional data storage
  • Automatic interval measurement program
    Data-visualization and evaluation software MRU4win
  • Universal power supply: mains 90-265 Vac /105 W
  • Internal Li-Ion battery for 1 hours mains free operation
  • Automatic selftest and control of soft- and hardware functions
  • Modern, rugged aluminum enclosure with rubber molded impact protection


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Portable Syngas Analyser – VARIO Luxx